Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen

Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen will focus on the development of existing as well as new and emerging biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals markets, building capacity, and fostering the collaborations and partnerships that will help move the agenda forward.

Mark your calendar!

Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen will be presented at the London Convention Centre, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday and Tuesday, March 3 and 4, 2014.

The Goal

Bioeconomies offer significant potential for agricultural producers and manufacturers alike. However, in order to develop long-term and sustainable biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals markets, we need to better understand supply chain challenges and opportunities, and most important, determine how best to realize this potential.

What manufacturers want from producers, the technologies required, new research and innovation, policy drivers, and finance and investment. These topics and more will be explored at Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies – Making it Happen.

Who Should Attend?

This conference will appeal to a diverse audience, including:

  • producers of biofuels and bioproducts
  • manufacturers of biomaterials and biochemicals
  • providers of new technologies in the biofuels and bioproducts fields
  • retailers of ag-sourced green products
  • bioeconomy researchers with innovative solutions
  • rural economic development professionals
  • policy experts dealing with all aspects of the bioeconomy

. . . and all other stakeholders interested in developing sustainable bioeconomies. This conference is for the game changers – and those who wish to learn from their experiences, successes and plans going forward.


Interested in making target audiences and markets aware of the technologies and services you have to offer? Then you will want to exhibit at the Growing Sustainable Bioeconomies Conference. See Exhibit for further information.

Further Information

Details regarding the conference program and additional events will be posted as they become available. You can also join our Mailing List to have all the latest news sent to your inbox.


Silver or gold stocks: What would be your preference?

All over the globe, people are involved in buying stocks for gold and silver. The reason behind this deal is many. No specific reason makes a contrast between the two stocks. Though, the market stands in a contrasting way for them. Many invest in this to remain protected financially from the condition of inflation. On the other hand, some look to create a strong profile for standing in the “bear market.”buy silver

The question arises – what is best? Is it gold or silver?

No definite answer for the answer exists in a yes or no term. Though, both the stocks come with their own beneficial aspect. No doubt, the degree of benefit differs between the two of them. Some invest in the deal to buy silver. On the counterpart, some may have a different opinion.

The market set-up for gold is extremely large which also promotes easy liquidity. The jewelry making industry demands gold largely for setting down a good deal. Basically, gold is treated as an investment among the crowd of people. Now, when talking about silver, it emerges out that people buy silver for the purpose of application in industrial use. Silver’s price is kept just close to the activity in the economy against the confined market.

Still, doubt for the question is not solved clearly. Though, there is no need to select any one from both of them since the availability of options with each of them is wide.

Follow the path of giants

You might have heard about “economies of scale.” In connection with this term, another term gets attached which is extracting of resources. In case, a company which is based on mining activities laid out its cost of investment all over the gold, then it might reach a better profit-making deal. This is the reason which proves that investing in gold is worth. With huge assets in the form of gold, it is possible to reach a higher profit-gaining scale. It is not often that you get to find such a valuable deal to keep the gold as an asset which could turn-out extremely beneficial.

silver in Canada

Silver can be covered up with small

Presently, it is a tough job to search out the miners interested in projects related to silver deals. No doubt, revenues can be earned when you buy silver. Roughly, about 1 billion silver ounces are used up all over the globe. At this rate, 80% demand is made up via mining. And the remainder gets supplied with the recycled operations.

When analyzed from the previous decade, it was revealed that the market had to face a deficit of 500 million ounces. Recently, the process of scrap recycling also hit down with a low. Though, these factors are effectively created beneficial deals for the shareholders sitting on “first majestic position.”

buying silver

What about a different opinion?

For instance, choose a company which is not related to the classic mining activities in your mind. So, in such a company, there is no period running for mining-related operations. Correct? Irrespective of this fact, the company is always indulged in financing the companies which are performing mining activities with a deal related to production result in future time. Such a model is known as “metal streaming.” This is a good strategy to enjoy benefits from the raised-up prices of metals.



6 Effective Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage Rate in Toronto

Obtaining an affordable mortgage rate is every borrower’s dream execution while availing a loan. With the unprecedented growth in mortgage industry, several aspects come into the scene to decide the final rate of interest. The applicants put their best foot forward in order to get the lowest mortgage rates Toronto. In short, there is a lot at stake because the rates vary from lender to lender depending on the applicant’s financial health.

mortgage rates in Toronto

Are you planning to take a secured loan in the near future? If a yes, then stay hooked. Here are some amazing tips exclusively for readers like you to grab the best mortgage rates Toronto.

Ready to know? Get started:

  1. Consider Your Credit Score

Having a sound credit score is a vital hack to save a lot of money on external sources of financing. Inevitably, mortgage loan is no exception. Lenders usually perceive a score of 760 & above to be a positive and make space for further negotiation. You can follow these tactics to improve your rating before you apply for the advance:

  • Clear your existing debts
  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Refrain from applying loan to a multiple places at same time

mortgage rate in Toronto

  1. Look into Debt-to-Income Ratio

Also known as DTI ratio, debt-to-income is important for a lending company to evaluate your monthly gross income to monthly liabilities. Basically, this component is of two types:

  • Back-end ratio
  • Front-end ratio

Generally, financial institutions look for a front-end ratio of about 28% and a back-end ratio of 36% respectively. So, if you are able to meet the lender’s criteria, you can implore for reasonable mortgage rates Toronto.

  1. Select the Tenure Wisely

Choosing the tenure wisely is a real task, and it directly affects the interest rate. For instance, longer the tenure, lesser will be the rate and vice versa. So, elect a tenure that will fine tune with your financial condition. You can save a good amount of sum by keeping the repayment schedule short. However, financial institutions usually offer a flexible period for the borrowers to clear the debt.

  1. Cash Reserve is Crucial

Cash reserve is another pivotal aspect to fetch affordable mortgage rates Toronto. A cash reserve is basically calculated on the basis of number of months’ worth of home payments you have pitched in cash.

Usually the reserve comprises the money saved in following forms:

  • Savings account
  • Certificates of deposits
  • Money market fund

P.S.: The cash reserve requirement can be higher in case of higher risk mortgages.

mortgage rates

  1. Downpayment

The thumb rule for getting the economic mortgage rates Toronto is to pay minimum of 20% downpayment. So, you can save up to by 20% of interest rates by opting for timely downpayment. If your downpayment is less than that of the standard amount, you may end up paying a private mortgage insurance.

  1. Compare & Contrast

Be it for refinancing or upfront mortgage, to have the best rate you have to shop around. Never shy away from negotiating with the lenders. Additionally, research online to spot the competitive lending company for you.

Grabbing the best rate is not a daunting task any more if you arrange your ducks in a row. So, what are you waiting for? Consider all these points mentioned above to have the most suitable bet. To find more about Mortgage rate Toronto read this  article!


Super Effective Hacks to Get the Best Financial Planner

Money kills and money save if not used in the correct manner. Hence, a lot many people rely on the financial advisor to plan their financial solutions. Choosing the best financial planning professional is indeed a daunting task to consider. Needless to say, all the aspects of financial well-being of an individual or any business rely heavily on the planning company.

financial solutions

A professional advisor must have enough proficiency and ethics to handle issues and provide necessary financial solutions to its clients. So, if you are willing to hire a financial advisor in the coming days, it is imperative for you to stay abreast with some few tips.

Following these may help you to get hold of the best company in town.

  • Prepare Yourself

You must school yourself a bit before hunting for an advisor. Get accustomed to the financial jargon. This practice would help you to understand their mode of work, financial terms, and strategies. Usually, a good planner takes steps to make its client understand everything in layman’s term. However, brushing up the basics will allow you to get involved in the process and understand the details related to the proposed financial solutions.

financial solution in Canada

  • Be Sure About Your Financial Goals

Don’t jump on the bandwagon. This is because the main purpose of the financial planning is to hit the right strategies to meet the desired goals. So, it is important for you to understand what your purpose is. Take a little time and unfold your needs and wants to have stable financial health. This will help you secure both your present and future at once.

  • Ask About Fees

Before choosing the planner, be vocal about the fees and associated charges. Usually, the planners are paid in these two modes:

  • Paid vis-à-vis the cost of your product; basically a percentage of assets which they manage on your behalf
  • Hourly fee based on service models

So, ask their mode of payment and opt for the one that suits you the best.

financial advisor

  • Seek Competence

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of financial planners in Canada. Every lane has at least a couple of planners. Thus, it becomes a bit intimidating to settle for the best one amongst so many options. Moreover, there is a gamut of designations in this sector. So, people with minimal education often claim themselves to be a planner promising the best financial solutions.

So, to hire a professional & certified financial planner, always ask for the certification. The certificates represent their standard of expertise and efficiency. Always look for competence to judge your elected planner’s credibility.

  • Get Back to Pen & Paper

This is a very part of performing your due diligence. Insist the planner to furnish written documents delineating the agreement terms, potential conflicts of interest if any and method compensation. Such documents are termed as engagement letters.

That’s all in a nutshell. Reassess all the points to get on board the best planner with superior financial solutions.


Hire a SEO Consultant and focus on business growth

Search Engine Optimization is a popular tool used in Digital Marketing. The internet has taken over the world. People spend more time on their phones and practically depend on them for every single task. Whether it’s finding a dry cleaner near you or looking for Chinese restaurants in the city, every single piece of information can be found online. Search Engine Optimization is highly efficient in organically bringing traffic to your website. Best SEO Consultant ensures that you can make the use of extensive SEO strategies and get your website ranked among the top websites in your field.

best seo toronto

Best SEO Consultant takes it in its own hands and ensures that you get the best service. The most vital part of a website is its content and the structure. An unorganized and messy website is the least likely to be featured on prominent search engines i.e. Google. An organized website, on the other hand, which has several categories and plenty of interactive content.

Best SEO Consultant is the perfect tool which can take care of keywords, links, Meta tags and everything related to Search Engine Optimization. A website without any traffic is actually pretty costly. Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is modified according to the trends and the guidelines of search engines. The higher the quality of the content, the more chances it has to be ranked on top.

Why is Search Engine Optimization beneficial?

Search Engine Optimization offers a plethora of benefits, especially for businesses that have just started out.

  • Organic Traffic: Best SEO Consultant allows you to get authentic users who are active and are genuinely interested in your products or services. This ensures that people who are looking for relevant content can easily find it on your website. Being ranked on top of the search engine results increases the chances of your website being viewed.
  • Popularity: Small businesses and organizations find it hard to gain popularity. They might be quite well-known among a few people, but are not able to reach out to a wider audience. Best SEO Consultant ensures that people not only find your website but are also intrigued by the content. You can easily make quite an impression by a noteworthy website, which will also bring visitors from every part of the seo toronto company
  • Conversions: It’s not just the traffic that brands look for. They want an audience which is interested in buying and utilizing its services. By using specific relevant keywords, traffic can be driven to your website with ease. This brings costumers who are looking for relevant services and products, thus, leading to more sales.
  • Cost-efficient: Search Engine Optimization is not only highly efficient and hassle-free, but it’s also quick and cost-efficient. It is very budget-friendly as well. You can see results based on precise data and determine the current market trends and customer purchase patterns. This makes SEO very cost-efficient. This is extremely useful, especially for smaller businesses who can’t invest too much money right at the beginning of their venture.